Malta 4th Way Study Group

Malta, recognized as the  "land of honey", has been a haven for ships sailing the Mediterranean for millennia. It's now become a haven for those who sail the cosmic seas but who also need a place to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Our approach has been to form a 4th Way study group working with inspiration, guidance and material from a variety of sources. Our principal point of departure for these cosmic voyages has been G. I. Gurdjieff and the study of his ideas, methods, writings, exercises, movements and music as transmitted to us through a number of different channels. But as beggars on this spiritual journey, we gratefully honor and accept the truth and wisdom handed down through all of the traditions.

Currently we meet weekly using an online conferencing system (Webex). So while we're physically located on the island of Malta, our electronic port is open to anyone on the Internet.

Please contact Richard Scicluna [[ sciclunari at ]] for information about our group.


Note: The study material and individual posts used on this website are generally available only to logged in participants.